Syringe Pump WIT-301A

  • Syringe Pump WIT-301A
Syringe Pump WIT-301A

  • Comprehensive Syringe Modes : Rate; Volume Over Time; Micro; Body Weight; Drug Library and Sequence ( 8 steps ).
  • Automatic identification of syringes of 5ml; 10ml; 20ml/30ml and 50ml/60ml sizes. Syringes from five different brands are preset.
  • Syringe Management : Allow addition / removal edition and calibration of more than 50 brands of syringes.
  • Advanced pressure detection technology with occlusion limit adjustable in 20 levels in choice of pressure unit of mmHg or kPa.
  • Allows on the fly changes of the flow rate, Time to infuse, Dosages, Occlusion limit and VTBI etc. even when the pump is injecting.
  • Class I, Type CF, IPX4.

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